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 The COVID Impact may outlast the virus. 

 Being mindful of the impact means discovering what it could give back besides what it took away from us. 

 Courage, Originality, Versatility, Intelligence and Dissolution is our approach to embrace the RESET. 

 Book a session to discover this approach. 



​products of culture

 Tap To Reset sessions are intended for anyone and everyone interested in the Reset.  

 Are you experiencing the COVID Impact in your business or work? 

 Have you been following the headlines closely after the outbreak across the world? 

 Are you trying to make sense of it in the context of your own future? 

 If your answer to any or all of this is a ‘yes’, consider this as an invitation to join us in our study of the patterns and the point of it. 

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part of something greater
Image by Someus Christopher

Why are we interested in sharing?

Simple. We believe together we can be a part of something greater and good. And we are both glad and overwhelmed with the positive responses we are getting. So please bear with us and allow us to find that sweet slot in-between for our 1-on-1 discussion. 

Tell us which session you would like to focus on?

Rediscovering Value
Grow out of the price of things to the point of things and your potential place in it. 

Designed for Resilience
Get familiar with the approach to deliver your products of culture playfully designed to ride the Reset.

Brand for Business
Enable your Brand to solve your Business challenges.

Briefly, introduce us to your experience of the COVID Impact and why you feel the session/s would be relevant (to your brand/business/leadership challenge)?

What is your preferred time-slot for the session? Give us 2 options.

Let us know about you

Your Name



Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We will contact you by email to take this further.


We would love to invite your thoughts on our Reset Narrative posts and articles. 

Book your time with our collaborators for a one-on-one interactive session. 

This is our window to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your team.

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