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Reset Covid with C.O.V.I.D

Yellow sun. Silver moon. White star. Black hole. Red dwarf. The universe is filled with celestial bodies. Until one fine day in March 2020 the Blue planet we call home changed forever. Into a giant Red Button. Emblazoned across planet Earth is one simple word: Reset.

Hurtling our giant planet into this global reset is one tiny Earthling. Not a human. So tiny, this life-form is neither dead nor alive. It is not even visible to the naked human eye. Yet it has triggered a reset. One that changes how we breathe, live, and work. Reminding us that the 7.8 billion of us are just one fragile species among 8.7 million more species on Earth.

It takes time to understand a Reset. The Corona virus is not just causing a setback to lives, work, business, and economy. The 2008 financial meltdown was a setback. A reset is far more devastating than a setback.

You can’t lick your wounds, apply some financial bandage, and slowly limp back to the old ways of doing things. Nor can you say you are just hunkering down, biding your time, waiting for things to rebound.

A reset is not a trigger that ushers in a new normal. A reset in a way is frightening. It provokes you to ask a deeply nettling question: What is normal about what we have always held as normal? This would then lead to another realization. The only new normal, is that it will be normal not to hold on anymore to whatever we have thought is normal.

Livelihood. Business. Work culture. Professional skills. Career. Marketing. Logistics. Productizing. Industry norms. Business projections. Production. Supply. Demand. Business models. Value. Industry. Economy. Everything.


Is Covid a one-off black swan moment? We can no longer even assume that. The next pandemic may not even be a pandemic. May happen within a few years. Or concurrently.

And yet bills have to be paid. Food to be served on the table. Lives to be lived. Money to be earned. Opportunities to be found. Fortunes to be made. In short, a choice is to be made. Between extinction and evolution.

White collar. Blue collar. Whatever our uniform, how do we tackle the devastation of Covid in the battlefield of the marketplace? The answer has to be as novel as the virus. Reset Covid with C.OV.I.D.

COURAGE: In the marketplace, you need courage to see there is no going back. Courage to no longer be in denial of the reset. Courage to recognize the still unfolding reset is far bigger than you can ever imagine.

ORIGINALITY: You need a bold new way of thinking about the new set of business problems. Because these new problems are unprecedented. So how can old thinking solve the awe-inspiring challenges posed by a reset?

VERSATILITY: Being versatile with skills and disciplines is far richer than just trying to up-skill. You don’t even know whether your job, business, or even industry will survive in its present form. What new domains and businesses may emerge in the tremendous turmoil of a reset.

INTELLIGENCE: The rule book just got reset. Old knowledge no longer applies. No one really knows exactly what is going on, or what is going to happen. A reset triggers uncertainty. And uncertainty comes knocking on the door of intelligence. Every time.

DISSOLUTION: In a reset a dissolution is the first step. Corona is the enemy of business-as-habit and business-through-habit. Dissolution clears the mind, clears the eyes, and paves the way for the new to be forged. Because as we said earlier, opportunities have to be found. Fortunes have to be made.

Narrativ.Design expounds this fundamental and powerful framework of C.OV.I.D for all. We start with concise insights and knowledge-sharing through our posts here. Please feel welcome to discover, discuss, and share these. It is the need of the hour.

Within the next three weeks, we will begin a series of live interactive sessions. Being able to dedicate limited time we could only invite a few who demonstrate the urgency to grow on this framework and apply it to their work - Monday Morning Revolution.

If you haven’t received our invitation, rest assured we will reach out soon to accommodate you. Or, simply click on 'Tap To Reset' to schedule yours.

Because right now what our planet needs is a few golden stars.

© 2020 Narrativ.Design. All rights reserved. Entrepreneur and Designer, Niyam Bhushan has helped design several innovative products across diverse industries. He set up his first business at age 16 in digital publishing. In 1990 he also became the co-founder of Connect, a pioneering print magazine to win an international Design award. His second venture was as an Apple solutions provider for creative professionals. Since 1996 he set up and works as an independent consultant through Digital Dionysus. In 2016 he also founded the initiative. A TEDx speaker, his ‘Awaken Your Creativity’ workshops apply Dance, Mindfulness and Meditation to unlock explosive creativity in people. You can reach him at

Image: ©Pathfinderabhi


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