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Gods and False Gods of Branding & Business

Strategy, Creative & Creativity - not pillars, but its all-in or all-out

This and that will always reach greater than the abrasive equation of ‘this, not that’, ‘this before that’, ‘this or that’, in the way of delivering magic. Strategy is creative, creative is strategic when harnessed as it should be, for a compounding effect on building value or cutting doors and windows from dead ends. It has taken me decades to verify this - the compounding effect of creativity on business can only be grown as a culture where strategy and creative could come together without calling itself either, going above and beyond the optics of each.

Blending Creativity into Business

Having said that, the importance of blending creativity into business as the vortex cannot be over-emphasized, because the day magic leaves measure, people and meaning disappear. Business tends to prefer and prioritize routine to breathe in certainty and control. One day business  arrives at certainty and control, obviously theoretically, because nothing could be more elusive than control, really. Thus the day of arrival marks the onset of an itch to search for magic and meaning elsewhere, everything else remaining constant, simply to outgrow the dullness of measure. This point on the business growth curve is an interesting and critical point of departure into doing things related or unrelated to the bottomline. Careful there. Take a 360 view of your business and ask if there is anything you could do to add creativity to what you’ve seemingly perfected into measure unto the last decimal. Not knowing if it is an itch or an evolution is a red flag moment. And here’s the thing about not losing the magic in business - presence of magic is a guarantee that growth is coming as an ecosystem, i.e. its cohesive and will not fall apart if curated. On the other hand, losing magic and leaping into the something hybrid may or may not blend in organically - think Goldman Sachs and its consumer lending/cards fling.

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